Quality Guarantee

We get it! Sometimes stuff just doesn’t work out. It can be for many reasons. We offer a guarantee for employers to get the candidate they paid for.
Form Four offers a guarantee to employers who have a signed contract. We will provide another qualified candidate at no expense if you can meet the terms provided. The terms of that guarantee are:
• Employer reviews a potential applicant on the Form Four site
• Employer agrees to hire the applicant based on the information provided on the Form Four site
• Employer signs an agreement with Form Four Solutions
• Applicant’s full application and information are turned over to the Employer
• Employer has up to *thirty (30) days to onboard the applicant and complete their own hiring process to utilize the guarantee
• If the applicant was a prior applicant within the Employer’s agency within ninety (90) days of the signed contract, the guarantee can be utilized once the Employer provides proof of application
• After hiring the applicant, the Employer must allow the applicant all reasonable and customary means to complete the hiring and on-boarding process
• If the employee is terminated by the company or willingly quits employment after the company hiring process, the guarantee is not valid or usable
• If the applicant fails to meet the criteria of the job which was applied for or fails to meet any standard of the Employer, guarantee can be utilized up to the 30-days

If the Employer follows the correct path provided by Form Four, they will receive the best possible Applicant for the position they wish to fill. The list above is the correct path and any deviation from the path will result in unsatisfactory conditions and the guarantee will not be valid.
Form 4our Solutions reserves the right to edit, change, or update this policy at any time.

*This can be extended due to certain criteria such as:
• Background check exceeds 30-days
• Obtaining a security clearance exceeds 30-days
• Applicant has an emergency and can’t make it in time
• Selection course takes longer than 30-days
• Previously negotiated issues or causes