About Us

Form 4our Solutions, LLC is a dedicated and highly qualified company that resourcefully and knowledgeably finds expert candidates for credible clients around the globe. As a veteran owned and operated establishment, we believe we can provide a solution to employer or employee needs. We take pride in assisting reserve or retired military personnel find their next rewarding job. This company proudly supports the troops and veterans and are thankful for their service!

We are a direct hire agency who finds professional level work for licensed, trained, certified, or degreed experts in their field. We take the guesswork out of filling a position and we specialize in clients who currently hold government contracts. By combining computer filtering on our applicant database with our hands-on approach to staffing, we are able to tackle staffing challenges at scale while providing the most qualified applicants for the job.

The goal of Form 4our Solutions is to create a streamlined process where companies can find the most qualified employees and where qualified experts can be linked to their next job. By utilizing the DD214, we strive to help military veterans find a rewarding career whether that be over seas or state side. Compiling qualified candidates into a pool of potential employees will help Form 4our Solutions to quickly and efficiently meet employment needs of companies and individuals.

Our Beginning

After a rewarding stint as a Contractor in Afghanistan, Owner Cody Eisenbrandt began to believe that many other military personnel (active duty or veteran) might want to experience the same type of meaningful experience. From this belief, Cody began to formulate a means to provide that connection but not just for military personnel, also for civilian professionals who enjoy travel, adventure, and thoroughly satisfying work.

Cody is driven by two significant beliefs; that all people wish to enjoy and find fulfillment in their work, and that an approachable and personal touch is missing from most other agencies who help people find that perfect job. To that end, Cody has created a company where the vision is to provide the most hands-on involvement of job searching, application, and placement possible.

Form Four got its name because of the significance of a military person earning their DD214 and how the Form Four member copy document is critical in finding future employment. At Form Four Solutions we aim to make that search as easy and time sensitive as we can for all military and professional personnel. Call or email us today to find your next amazing career.